2017CPSE | TVT Cooked a "French Feast" in CPSE Stage


The 16th CPSE was successfully hosted and ended in November 1st. As world-class video surveillance products and solutions provider, TVT made a brand new appearance in this expo, attracting over ten thousand visitors from all over the world because of its topnotch products solutions and cutting edge AI technologies. By virtue of product advantages and AI technologies including face recognitions, smart analysis etc., TVT cooked an exquisite French feast for global customers.


Starter: AI Technologies represented by Face Recognition

TVT left an incredible mark in this expo by showing cutting-edge AI technologies including face recognition and comparison, smart search, behavior analysis, scene recognition, making it possible for visitors to sense and touch AI technologies at close range. Besides, latest technologies such as Thermal technology, WDR, NIR, H.265+, Starlight and so on brought fresh air to video surveillance products and strengthen TVT advantage in product overall arrangement.


Main Course: Featured Products

When walking in TVT booth, we can see E, S and M series camera, speed dome and analog cameras are arraying for review. Technologies including thermal technologies, WDR, NIR have made products become more competitive. H.265+ technology perfectly solves video storage problem. More and more experts are trying to combine AI with traditional products so as to contribute to security protection. Based on the core of cutting-edge technology and brand new products, TVT has given a satisfactory answer to customers in this expo.


Second Course: Subdivision Solutions

TVT showcased completed video surveillance solutions and service for special industries containing construction site, bank, industrial park etc. In smart construction site solution, it can collect data and position through daily tools like safety helmet and RFID technologies. In this way, it can realize timely surveillance and unified management through video surveillance system and face recognition system. Bank solution focus on ATM security surveillance, it can precisely recognize abnormal humanoid and provide strong technical support for public security supervision. AS for industrial park solution, it provides different system for different areas, integrating all systems and forming a linkage industrial park surveillance solution.


Desert: Indispensable Accessories

There is a special area to display products accessories in this expo which has provided customer a completed product solution.


As CPSE 2017 was closed, “face recognition” will be undoubtedly become the hottest word. As we all know, AI is being applied to all sorts of industries, and it will be of great importance whatever the result is. TVT will continue to do research in AI and contribute itself to public security development.







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Warm Hint:

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